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Self Care - Going deeper within

Self-care is an ever-evolving relationship we have with ourselves and with our bodies, and is fundamental to supporting us to be out in everyday life with a cup full ready to work, to be with our families and in relationships and to be able to respond to the many events that show up unexpected.

We see in the digital world that self-care has become something that we turn to when already burnt out, such as the classic bath and glass of wine at the end of the week, or for recognition through showing others that you ‘have it all together’ and can self-care, but really are crumbling inside, or for those who want self-care as a balancer to make all the other things that they do when not ‘self-caring’ okay, to make it feel like they care and love for their bodies but is really just a way to make those things excusable.

No judgement here, as we have all been brought up into a world and a system that champions smashing the body and then putting the pieces back together to have another round of it all over again. Such as recovery day after a night out, or a tolerance break from drugs and alcohol, or a glass of water between drinks on a bender night.

For many of us we live life disregarded to what we need, run to where we are needed, and then return to feel completely ‘pooped’ when we return to our bodies. Every in-between moment has moments of required self-care, and this can be how we our with our bodies, the way we dress for the day, what we do before we leave the house, how we are on our work breaks, and the things we decide to do and decide not to do, and the list is never ending.

When it comes to true self-care, we first need to take a microscope over our lives to consider what we require individually, not what anyone else is doing and what works well for them. As previously mentioned, no judgement, as for some a bath or a glass of wine may actually be required, but this is where absolute honesty that comes from the body is needed to be exercised but not from an ideal. So, what do you do that currently supports you? A great personal inquiry that we all deserve.

The more we honour the things that truly support us, the more we are able to be there for others.

Remember: The way we live is paramount to the way we feel in everyday life. Never discount the little things that support your living, for these are standards we do not drop.

If you would like to explore more of your relationship with self-care and to go deeper with it, enquire with yourself to confirm the many things in your life that already support you and make this a non-negotiable in your life. The people that truly love and respect you will also benefit from this, as they will get to see first-hand how a body that they love is honoured and adored in every way possible. Self care is our greatest gift, for ourselves and also for everyone around us.

From here we can then begin to see the areas where more self-care is required, eventually to a point where we love and adore ourselves in every moment and when dropping even a tiny aspect is an assault to the body, which is not bad in any way but the loving communication of the body holding us in every moment.

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