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About Us

Foundational Care offers holistic counselling services, wellbeing workshops and programs to support people to re-connect to themselves and a sense of purpose in life. 


Our vision is to make quality mental health care more accessible in regional areas and we currently have four clinics across Central Western NSW. You can find us in Parkes, Forbes, Dubbo and Orange.


Counselling for individuals and couples. We also have services for NDIS participants and EAP programs available


We have a range of workshops that cover topics such as mental health, burn out, communication and stress


Foundational Care offers a selection of programs that can be tailored to your specific needs

What we are all about.

Foundational Care offers evidence based counselling services to support you to meet your individual, relationship or organisational goals. Our team has a commitment to developing both personally and professionally so that we are able to offer services that are relatable, up to date and full of integrity. We have a real, down to earth and practical approach to our workshops and counselling sessions, whilst still full of love, sensitivity and care. 







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'Kellie is far beyond what society would define as your ‘typical' counsellor - what she offers is a wisdom far beyond her lived years. She exquisitely holds space for you to come to your own - to understand and perhaps to see yourself in a whole new light. The love, care and support she brings can be felt, and her support is beautifully holding.'

- Laura Wozniak


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Foundational Care's philosophy is embedded in it's name and logo. Counselling to our team is about supporting people to build a foundation of care for themselves so that they can reconnect to their sense of self and inner wisdom.

Often when we are going through a challenging period in life we can disconnect from this sense of self which can leave us feeling debased, lost and seeking outside of ourselves for answers. The logo represents the head, heart and body which can not be seen as separated - physical and mental health are intertwined with one dramatically affecting the other. As a part of our approach we work with you to set practical and personal foundations for your physical and mental health to support the being as a whole. 

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