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Employee Assistance

Orange - Parkes - Forbes


Foundational Care offers face to face and online counselling sessions in Central Western NSW. We offer Employee Assistance Programs to a range of different organisations across our three clinics in Orange, Parkes and Forbes.  

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a counselling and advisory service for employees, and where applicable their families, to seek professional assistance for any personal or work related problem. 

Whether the employees stress is work related or not, when someone is not feeling mentally well it still impacts their work satisfaction and productivity. For the employee, the external stressors can very quickly lead to absenteeism, inability to concentrate, difficulties making  decisions and interpersonal problems with staff and managers.

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Our Programs 

How Foundational Care can help 

Foundational Care offers an evidence based counselling and advisory service for employees to gain the skills to support their journey in managing, resolving or solving any work or personal related issues. 

All of our counsellors are registered with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and have ongoing professional supervision to ensure the highest quality of service. 

We offer face-to-face counselling from our clinics in Orange, Parkes and Forbes in Central Western NSW. If you are in need of any other locations, please contact us.

The benefits of having an Employee Assistance Program 


Increase Revenue

EAPs are designed to assist and support your staff through their workplace and/or personal challenges. This helps them become more effective and efficient employees.

For staff this benefit is obvious; offering help when it’s needed most. But for your business the benefit is also clear. Every $1 spent on workplace mental health programs returns an average of $2.30 to the business.


Increase productivity

It’s hard to focus on work when personal problems are piling up. The more distractions your employees have, the less motivated and focused they are in the office.

With an EAP program that helps your staff overcome their challenges, you get your team at work more often, and ready to tackle the day’s challenges. Studies have shown companies lose up to 36.6% of their productivity due to employee absenteeism, but when you get your team back, productivity shoots up.


Reduce absenteeism

When staff are feeling stressed, anxious or under pressure, sick days go up.

In fact, reports from the Victorian Government suggest mental illness causes up to 4.7 million absentee days each year.


Boost employee retention

It’s not enough to offer a 9-5 role and financial compensation. Employees will continue to look for healthy workplaces that promote their physical and mental health.

Offering an EAP builds loyalty among your team who see that you value their contribution, but also value their health.


Slash turnover

It’s only natural employees will come and go, but creating a core team of motivated individuals can help you reduce costs associated with onboarding new staff, and increase output from your team who know the business inside and out.

EAPs help reduce turnover by supporting staff through their challenges. If an employee feels overwhelmed by obstacles in their personal life, or is struggling with workplace bullying, having access to confidential counselling services can make a huge difference.

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