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Our Services



Counselling therapies for individuals who are experiencing difficulties in their lives and are in need of extra support 



Evidence based couples counselling to support with relationship problems and reconnecting to each other 



Programs and workshops for your workplace, school or event. These can be customised to meet your organisations needs

Experienced and professional counselling services 

Foundational Care offers individual and couples counselling services in a range of locations across Australia.  Our counsellors are professional, experienced and have a holistic whole person approach to therapy. 

We also offer a range of workshops and programs to suit the needs of your workplace, school or event. If you would like more information about our workshops you can find out more here. Alternatively get in touch and we will be able to customize a program to meet the specific needs of your organisation. 


Communication Workshops 

When communication breaks down, so too does the classroom and workplace. Expression & communication workshops teach the evidence based skills needed for effective communication. 


Wellbeing Workshops 

Dr Kerrie Stewart and Kellie Ward run through the basics of what is needed to support both your physical and mental wellbeing.

You will walk away with a manual to take home and a tool kit for life. 

Feedback from our clients

'I cannot thank Kellie enough for her time, compassionate ear and gentle holistic approach. She was a valued support to me through an anxious period and weekly sessions provided me an oppertunity to feel heard and gain clarity and confidence regarding my experiance. Thank You so much Kellie' 

- A.H

'I was able to acknowledge and move to a position of healing from my time with Kellie that I was not capable of grasping on my own. Kellie’s knowledge, compassion, and ability to help me ‘unpack’ what I was experiencing was invaluable and exceptional. I was given constructive strategies and support to assist me into the future.


I feel so fortunate to have had Kellie’s care, understanding and cognition.'

- Anon.

'Kellie is kind, intelligent, warm and reassuring and has a natural ability to create a safe and comfortable space. After my very first session with Kellie I felt a sense of stability. She offered me a new perspective and way of thinking, but also gave me permission to be vulnerable. This has gone on to better my mental health and I am incredibly grateful to call on her as a source of support and strength.'

- Sophie, 25

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