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Our Workshops

Our workshops focus on how we can support both our physical and mental health. Whether that be with a focus on burn out, stress, communication or parenting - it always starts from the foundation of supporting both physical and mental wellbeing, for we can not have one without the other.

Workshops with Foundational Care

Workshops with Foundational Care are presented by our very experienced professionals who have an evidence based, down to earth, practical and holistic view of health. 


Our workshops are engaging, authentic and practical. We have an evidence based and science backed approach to supporting your school, workplace or event. Almost 1 in 5 Australians will take time off from work due to not feeling mentally well. Absenteeism and low performance due to mismanaged mental health conditions costs Australian businesses up to $12 billion annually. The effects on a workplace can include decreased productivity, increased staff absenteeism, staff turnover and poor morale. Financial costs can include legal and workers’ compensation and management time in addressing cases of workplace bullying.


What are the benefits of hosting a Wellbeing Workshop?

We offer face-to-face come to your front door workshops to support your organization. You can select from one of our amazing packages or contact us to create your own. Many participants will walk away with tools to take back to improve the quality of their own life and in turn, your organization can benefit as a whole.

In all of our workshops we encourage self responsibility and being accountable for what you bring to the workplace or school environment. 

Not only do we offer the skills to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of declining mental health and physical health, but we give you the tools so you know how to do something about it. 


Wellbeing Workshops

A manual for the human body

What it covers

The workshop includes simple and supportive information that people can use to cope with and recognise the symptoms of:

  • Ill physical health

  • Physical Health Checks 

  • Stress and burnout

  • Anxiety, depression and suicide

  • Compassion fatigue

  • Domestic violence and bullying

  • Poor communication

The details 

A 2.5 hour interactive and engaging workshop is presented by Dr Kerrie Stewart and Kellie Ward and addresses all things Physical and Mental Health. The workshop comes with a comprehensive manual that each participant can take home and use as a reference to support themselves through life. 

School Workshops

Supporting students to thrive

Highschool Workshops

Our school based workshops can be targeted to your schools particular needs and cover topics such as:

  • Studying effectively 

  • Stress

  • Bullying

  • Anxiety 

  • Suicide

  • Depression 

Primary School Workshops

For our primary school students we have more of a focus on emotional regulation and how to support themselves to self soothe and recognise how they are feeling. This is based on neurodevelopmental principles and functional behavioural assessment. 

Parent Information Evenings 

Kellie Ward and Dr Kerrie Stewart can come and attend your school for a parent presentation and question evening so parents can ask any questions in regards to their child's physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Communication Workshops

Build greater harmony in your teams

What it covers

The Foundational Care Communication Workshops support your workplace with skills and techniques to build a greater depth of communication within the team.


It has practical ways that you can create more cohesivity within a team. Additionally, it can support with people gaining a deeper understanding of one another. The skills learnt can also be used in other aspects of life to improve relationships at home as well!

The details 

The workshops run for 3 hours and are interactive and engaging. No power point presentations here! Foundational Care will teach you the skills and give you time to practice them. The workshops come with a comprehensive workbook for the participants to take home with them and use the skills for life!

What are the different types of Foundational Care Workshops?




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