What is Counselling? 

Counseling comes from the Latin root consilium meaning plan, purpose, advice and wisdom. The definition of counseling is ‘something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action.’ Based upon this definition you can see that counselling is a tool that is used in everyday life and you probably have some experience with being the recipient of counselling already.


The next question is, if it is a part of everyday society why would I pay for it? In my experience, there are three main reasons:

  1. The person does not have someone they feel comfortable with that is able to provide a plan, purpose, advice and wisdom

  2. The person would like an objective view of the situation or the consultation of an expert

  3. The person wants someone they can trust who they know will keep their information confidential and private

In summary, counselling is a collaborative process where the client and counselor work together. The counsellor acts as a guide supporting the client to heal and develop the skills they need. The counsellor is not there to fix the client, but rather support and guide them to their own self-actualization.


'Feeling safe to share and feeling validated. I felt held and supported by Kellie, she asked open ended questions which allowed me to navigate through my emotions and thought patterns. This led to me feeling greater empowerment in similar situations going forward, and that I have a roadmap or strategies when my boundaries are crossed. This has allowed me to begin healing and not suppress my feelings, I have a greater awareness of my husband’s feelings and needs in this situation also.' - NC