General Counselling 

'I was able to acknowledge and move to a position of healing from my time with Kellie that I was not capable of grasping on my own. Kellie’s knowledge, compassion, and ability to help me ‘unpack’ what I was experiencing was invaluable and exceptional. I was given constructive strategies and support to assist me into the future.


I feel so fortunate to have had Kellie’s care, understanding and cognition.'

- Anonymous 


'I cannot thank Kellie enough for her time, compassionate ear and gentle holistic approach. She was a valued support to me through an anxious period and weekly sessions provided me an oppertunity to feel heard and gain clarity and confidence regarding my experiance. Thank You so much Kellie' 

- A.H


'The best part of the session was feeling safe to share and feeling validated. I felt held and supported by Kellie, she asked open ended questions which allowed me to navigate through my emotions and thought patterns.


This led to me feeling greater empowerment in similar situations going forward, and that I have a roadmap or strategies when my boundaries are crossed. This has allowed me to begin healing and not suppress my feelings, I have a greater awareness of my husband’s feelings and needs in this situation also.'

- Anonymous

General Counselling 

'Kellie has an amazing way of connecting to the person and problem. I found her understanding and reflections were very effective. '

- Abi, 50

Grief and Loss

'Kellie is kind, intelligent, warm and reassuring and has a natural ability to create a safe and comfortable space. After my very first session with Kellie I felt a sense of stability. She offered me a new perspective and way of thinking, but also gave me permission to be vulnerable. This has gone on to better my mental health and I am incredibly grateful to call on her as a source of support and strength.'

- Sophie, 25

General Counselling 

'Kellie is far beyond what society would define as your ‘typical' counsellor - what she offers is a wisdom far beyond her lived years. She exquisitely holds space for you to come to your own - to understand and perhaps to see yourself in a whole new light. The love, care and support she brings can be felt, and her support is beautifully holding.'

- Laura Wozniak