Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and to study without becoming owned by the field of study, the process of attaining a qualification and or at the expense of all other areas of life. Study is a means to bring your all to a future path and so it is important that at the end of the study period you remain yourself. Whether that be studying a HSC, at University, a Diploma or a short course, it matters in your ability to navigate study in a way that you can breathe, you can be committed and engaged in work and to your relationships.

Study should never take over your life.

Study Skills Workshop 


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Tuesday 9th of February 2021 

A recording will be made avaliable

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With love,

Kellie & Shannon

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Kellie Ward

Kellie is currently completing a Bachelor of Psychology whilst simultaneiously working full time and parenting two small children. She has found a way to study that fits into her life rater than it taking over. She has some super practical tips that you may find supportive as well. 


Shannon Everest 

Shannon has studied in a variety of ways and has developed some simple tips to not allow the study mindset to take over her quality of life, while also genuinely enjoying it.