Family Support

Family support is one of Kellie's absolute lifelong passions. She has extensive experience with caring for children from birth all the way to the teenage years and adores collaborating with families to build a more harmonious environment for all members. This includes from the smallest infant to marriage counselling to support and grow all relationships.

Kellie holds a current working with children check and is able to see people of all ages (0-18) under both parents written consent. In all cases, Kellie has a clinic policy that she will only see children after having had an initial session with the parents, as it is fundamental in understanding and getting a sesne of the whole environment that the child resides in. 


Parenting Support

Kellie has worked in the childcare sector for over 10 years working as a private nanny, in long day care centers, after school care and running her own family day care business. She is a mother of two children herself and volunteers with the Australian Breastfeeding Association as a breastfeeding counsellor frequently talking to very distressed mothers who are having trouble with early days of parenting. Kellie brings her warmth and assuredness to connect with and support parents through this early phase of adjustment and the challenges associated with raising children as the years go by. She has completed developmental psychology subjects at university and very experienced working with children from birth all the way through to adulthood.

Tweens and Teens 

Kellie has extensive experience with self-harm, suicide and crisis support volunteering on the telephones with Lifeline Australia. She also has worked with teenagers through volunteering at Headspace supporting with anger management programs and emotional regulation. Kellie brings a solidness to every interaction and unwavering steadiness that sets a strong foundation for teenagers to rest upon. This supports the client to know themselves on a deeper level and connect with who they are and what feels true for them without the imposition from the outside world. Working with teens and families is a huge passion of Kellies and one that she hopes to peruse in her developing career in her psychology.


Relationship Counselling 

A successful relationship is based upon two people connecting and the ability to relate to one another. When challenges in life occur, these can create points of disconnection in relationships. On the other hand if change is embraced with understanding and patience, it can strengthen the relationship. When disconnection occurs, our ability to interact and connect with one another is compromised. It does not matter who is right or wrong - it is the opposing values that will cause a decrease in connection. Kellie offers a non-judgmental and objective view of the relationship in a supportive space that promotes understanding of the other person. When embraced this can lead to a stronger foundation both individually and as a couple.