Foundational Counselling

In my counselling service I offer a space for connection and honesty. Most of us do not often have the opportunity to be truly heard and listened to. In my experience, once a person is offered that space, they are able to see more clearly their own path and way out of situations that they find themselves in.

Counselling can be perceived as complicated and emotional, however, it can actually be quite simple. When one is held in the entirety of who they are, in a space where they can get to know themselves, it is anything but complicated. 

‘Counselling is a supportive environment, not to pander but to inspire in the client their own internal wisdom’ ~ Annette Baker


Sessions run for approximately 50 minutes, if it is your first session please arrive around 10 minutes early to complete the initial intake form. You can access our privacy policy here.


Individual Counselling  $110

Couples Counselling    $140