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Brooke Lo Giudice

What do I need to know about

Brooke Lo Giudice

Brooke is a warm and empathic wellbeing professional, passionate about supporting the development of others, whether that be in 1:1 counselling sessions, group personal training classes or in her corporate career in the adult education sector.

Brooke has over 15 years of experience in the wellbeing industry with roles spanning from leadership and management of counselling and wellbeing colleges, to 1:1 counselling, health coaching and personal training.

Brooke is equally passionate about her own development and wellbeing and has learnt first hand the power of self-care, not staying stagnant and always delving deeper. It is this foundation that Brooke brings to her counselling sessions.

Image by Annie Spratt

Brooke was also the co-founder of an adult education college specialising in the delivery of counselling training.  Brooke managed this college for 7 years and in this time supported hundreds of students to complete their counselling studies, as well as supporting the establishment of a community counselling clinic for students to volunteer in upon completion of their studies.

Brooke has also worked with corporate organisations and teams to deliver team building and professional development retreats.

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