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The Importance of setting Foundations

Module 1.1 Ground Zero

As we go through life there are many different situations that we will encounter. Some are fun and positive, whilst others are challenging and not very pleasant. We cannot control what situations the world has in store for us, but we do have a say about how we react or respond to those situations

The way I see it is that life is an ocean, and we are the boat that travels through it. In the ocean of life, we cannot control the waves of the ocean or the storms that we may sail into, but we can control the maintenance of our boat. If our boat has holes in it and is falling apart, then as we travel through life’s storms we sink.

Image by Wai Siew

If we are able to take out our toolbox and maintain our boat in the best condition that is possible (without perfection), then not only will we get through the storms faster, but we will also come out of them with less damage.


Watch this short video for a visual presentation on what was presented above

There will be different things that will be required for your toolbox depending on what part of the ocean that you are sailing through but essentially, we all need to start building the boat from the most basic level first to ensure that the foundations are set in place. These are the things that we sometimes forget to do, and there is no judgment if you are not currently doing them – we have all been there.

Take some time now to complete the worksheet to get a benchmark for where you are currently at with your basic self-care and set some goals for this weeks program.


As you go through this questionnaire be mindful not to pass judgement on yourself. We are all at different
stages of life and in different parts of our own personal growth journey. Be as honest as you can when
answering the questions so you can really reflect on your life choices and what you want to change.
No one ever needs to see this, no lasting change ever comes without first being absolutely honest with
yourself about where you are and what got you to this point.

Now that we have had a look at where you are currently at, lets take some time to set some goals that you would like to work on this week over on the next page